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Workplace Health services help to heal your employee base, promote health work habits and lifestyles, and help to lower claims on your company’s insurance though creating healthier, happier workers. What is your commitment to the overall health of your employees?

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about implementing any of all of the following programs in your workforce health plans.

  • Health Information – We’ll set up displays in the break room and other employee-only areas where your workers can obtain brochures and pamphlets on health, nutrition and preventative care.
  • Health Fairs – We’ll host an event for employees to visit during breaks to learn more about healthy eating, early detection of illness, and seasonal care like flu shots
  • Health Risk Assessments – How healthy is your work force? Let us assess any problems and offer long-term solutions.
  • Screenings – Sponsor screenings for skin ailments, vision problems and other medical issues.
  • Doc to the Docks – Our special workplace visit program brings the best specialists to your place of business for quality care.
  • Biggest Loser Programs – Need to bring down the average weight of your work staff. We’ll implement an effective group weight loss program that utilizes exercise, nutrition, and positive teamwork to bring down the pounds and raise overall health and attitudes.
Contact us today to learn more about bringing our Workplace Health program to your company.