Mobile Health Events

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You want to improve the overall health and productivity of your workforce, and in turn see your insurance premiums decrease. We understand that – it seems that the cost of everything is going up these days, and businesses have to do some juggling in order to stay within budget. With less accidents and illness among your employees, you will enjoy high work performance and morale. A partnership with Workplace Health Services through Bon Secours Hampton Roads is a great way to achieve these goals.

Workplace Health Services has developed an outstanding Mobile Health Event programs that brings the best of workplace health and preventative care to your company. We can set up displays and demonstration booths in your office cafeteria or break room, in the lobby or atrium of your building…anywhere you want to host us. We provide informative literature and workshops and can schedule programs so your business workflow remains uninterrupted.

When people are too busy to seek out the health and medical information they need, doesn’t it make sense to bring the assistance to them? With our Mobile Health program, you can keep your staff informed and help improve their overall well-being.